I got my start in the world of  photography early in life. I was the kid who brought a camera almost everywhere, taking thousands of photos of everything I could. My interest was developed then and as I grew up so did my desire to become a "photographer" and not just a "GWC" (Guy With a Camera). So I enrolled in my first photography course from Sante Fe Community College. That really snowballed my desire to improve and hone my photography skills. For that reason I continue  to take as many courses as I possibly can. 


   My philosophy is simple:  You get back what you have put out in life. Only through hard work towards educating myself in the craft that I have so much passion for and providing a quality product to the client will it be possible for me to achieve success that I desire. And that is; The satisfied customer that cherishes an image you have been able to capture with quality. If it makes a wall in the house, even better.

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   Photography is not something I produce, it's something that I capture in the lives of my clients and myself. In all my years and photo shoots, I have yet to finish a project and not be happy when I walk away. The camera lens captures what the client may have or may not have noticed before and gives them a lifetime to appreciate it. Maybe it's the unnoticed beauty of a common landscape or maybe it's a candid snapshot at a wedding where the bride and groom wouldn't of been able to appreciate that moment in time before it disappeared.   I consider myself lucky to be able to provide these memories to my clients with the highest level of professionalism and creativity.